What is GoWake?

Wakeboarding is the latest action sport to take over the world. Born through a lack of waves and a desire to further surfing, wakeboarding has grown from it's routes in California to cover every continent around the world, from Cuba to Russia and everywhere in between. This high speed action sport is traditionally (and predominantly) performed using a purpose built speed boat. The rider is towed behind at around 25mph which makes them able to use the boat's wake to perform various air tricks.

More recently we are seeing a new form of transport in the form of cable wake boarding, which is rapidly gaining popularity because the innovative cable system allows wakeboard riders of all ages and experience levels to wakeboard without requiring a boat. It's less expensive compared to all the costs involved with boat wake boarding, with a lot less hassle. Cableways are clean, efficient, quiet, and overall, very environmentally friendly. But best of all, you can ride many more sets in a day than you ever could behind the boat.

Swansea's Premier Cable Wake Park:

"GoWake" is the first and only overhead cable wake boarding park in South Wales. Situated in SA1 Swansea Docks, just 10 minutes off the M4 junction 42, we are easy to find and open every day. What's more, we cater to everyone from beginners to advanced, so whether you are new to wakeboarding and want to try it out, fancy riding for an hour and hitting the sliders and kickers, or just want to come down to get your fix 'by the pull' we've got something for everyone.

The System:

GoWake uses the Sesitec System 2.0, a portable, straight-line cable wake boarding system powered by a electric drive motor. This system was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride, like a figure of eight - meaning that you won’t have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the cable course. Supported by two overhead cables, the System 2.0 gives riders a more consistent smooth pull while retaining maximum cable tension. For the advanced rider, better tension allows for more air tricks - but the turnaround is beginner level, so anyone can easily ride the system whether they want to perform air tricks or not. At GoWake we take your safety very seriously and use warm wetsuits, buoyancy vests and helmets to make sure you're nice and safe throughout your time on the cable.

Customer Testimonials:


"Having never tried Cable wakeboarding or watersking before I was a bit apprehensive! But after watching complete novices pick it up in the space of half an hour I knew I had to give it a go."

"I found it easier to get up, than off the back of a boat, enjoyed the lack of noise and felt confident to even try a few jumps"
"Exhilarating fun, cabletastic!"

Just about anyone can Go Cable Wakeboarding:

Anyone over 10 years old and under 20.5 stone (130kgs) who can swim 100m can ride or learn with us at GoWake.

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