Frequently Asked Questions

If I have wakeboarded before do I have to participate on the Intro 'GoLEARN' course?


No, once you have watched the safety briefing, you can move onto GoRIDE sessions straight away.

Depending whether you are new to wakeboarding and want to try it out, fancy riding for an hour and hitting the sliders and kickers, or even fancy coming down to get your fix 'by the pull' we can cater to your needs.

What if someone in our group doesn't want to wakeboard?


We are situated next to the city so there's plenty to do .There are a number of shops, restaurants and cafes right on the waterside or if you venture into town there are plenty of options to keep you entertained for an hour or two. Check out the Visit Swansea Bay website at

We also offer Stand Up Paddleboard hire if you fancy getting out on the water for something a little more mellow.

Do I need to book my session at GoWake?


Walk-ins are always welcome, but we recommend that you book in advance as we can get pretty busy at peak times especially during weekends and school holidays. You can book online or call.

Supervision Ratios


Under 16 yr olds must be supervised by a participating adult.

Is there an instructor with you on the course?


The cable operator is on hand with every individual so you are free to try what you want on the system when it's your turn confident in the knowledge that there is someone keeping an eye on you .The GoWake instructors are always on hand, to offer advice and give tips on techniques and monitor your safety.

How long do the sessions last for?


The GoLearn introduction course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and that includes your safety briefing.

GoRIDE sessions are one hour in duration (please arrive early).

Safety Instructions


  • All riders must wear a buoyancy vest or impact protection.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Participants must be able to swim unaided for 100m.
  • Hold the rope handle in both hands as you start. Never put it around your neck or other parts of your body. If you fall, never try to grab a dragging rope.
  • Leave as much space as possible between you and obstacles if you intend to pass them. To avoid collision, let go of the rope and let yourself fall.
  • If any obstacle, slider or kicker is in your way and you cannot avoid it let go of the rope and let yourself fall. The same applies if you get too close to the shore/dock/tower.
  • No metal fins are permitted on the sliders, kickers, or water obstacles. Plastic and fibreglass fins smaller than 1.5. inches may be used.
  • Don’t approach or hit any obstacles if the landing area is not clear of other riders, swimmers, or other hazards.
  • Always remember to avoid risk to yourself and others.
  • If in doubt, drop the rope and let yourself fall.
  • Riders under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the GoWake cable.
  • Parents / Legal Guardians are responsible for supervising their minors at all times.
  • Marine life forms can be present in all bodies of water. We recommend wearing nose clips anytime you are in the water. Participate at your own risk.

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